Quiz: What's Your Money IQ?

Like a lot of people, you’re probably getting a little nervous about the state of your finances these days. So how smart are you, exactly, when it comes to money matters? Find out!

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    Should You Take Advice from Your 401k Provider?

    Should You Take Advice from Your 401k Provider?
    The Pension Protection Act, which both strengthens employers’ existing pension obligations and discourages them from undertaking new obligations, also makes a broader point to US workers: “The overall message of the bill is, you’re on your own,” says James Lange, a lawyer, CPA and author of Retire Secure. Even so, the 2006 law has also made it less daunting for workers ...
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    5 Big Bills You Can Cut Fast

    5 Big Bills You Can Cut Fast
    As the economy weakens and prices soar on everything from gas to groceries, Americans are looking for quick ways to cut their expenses and hold on to more cash. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to chop your spending without a lot of time or hassle. Some of these cuts will save you just a few dollars, while others can net ...
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5 Money Mistakes Smart People Make

Everyone has at least one frugal friend who always crows about how much money he saves by clipping coupons or frequenting discount stores. And while this friend’s behavior/bragging is a great reminder of how you should be more financially savvy — especially when the U.S. economy isn’t in the best shape — he may overlook some simple savings strategies that you’ve ... Full Story